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for the love of shrek
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Accidentally In Love [about the community]
Welcome to the First Shrek Community! Post anything SHREK related in here.. Icons, Banners, Colorbars, Information, Screencaps! Just make sure that your posts are Shrek related and all is well!
Livin' La Vida Loca [rules]
Not many rules. Because in my opinion rules lower the fun. Sooo...

+ Every post has to be SOMEHOW Shrek related

+ Please don't fill members friends pages up with "OMG!!1!one!11 Shrek is so Kewl omg i love him omg omg omg!111one!!eleven!!! KEWLIEZ!" it's annoying.

+ Icon, Banner and Screencaps posts are accepted! Make sure that you credit the person who is making the icons however in your keywords/user info!

+ PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE lj-cut massive images that are going to make the poor dial-up users friends-lists die on them. Simple as: < lj-cut text="You're a Monster!" > Put what you need to cut in here< /lj-cut> (just take out the spaces)

+ Dont bash people, it's just not cool.

+ Please do not advertise for non-Shrek related communities! Your post will be deleted! Remember, this is for the LOVE OF SHREK.. not the love of being rated.
Ever Fallen In Love [mod info]
The mod for this community is me,hobbitatrohan, aka Kat. I can be contacted via comments on my journal, email/msn (kat_found_nemo@REMOVEhotmail.com or AIM (dom go there). However, I am a student in grade eleven so school might be my first priority for a while.. Please feel free to contact me with any questions/concerns/comments.
Hey I'm Claire, the other mod. If you want to contact me you can do it by commenting on my journal panda_monia, or email me at silver_rain_clouds@hotmail.com. And priorities are the same as kat's.
Im a Believer! [credits and affiliates]
Credit for user info layout goes to: ron1981

Affilates: None yet! Comment to be affiliated!