The Phantom Panther (phantompanther) wrote in shreklove,
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A Few Random Things

Yay for random stuff! =D

1. Wake up, people! *pokepokepoke*

2. Does anyone else think the Shrek SuperSlam game looks like fun? It looks similar to Super Smash Brothers Melee, and I love that game!

Here are some things of the game that you might like to look at:

- Image Gallery
- Videos

3. "The username shrek_claims is not currently registered." If anyone wants to make the community and keep up with it, I'd join it! *is lame and likes to "claim" things* What? It's fun... I'd make it myself, but I have too many communities... Besides, I told myself I wouldn't make a claims community because those can get a lot of members and it would be hard for me to keep up with it. ^^; So...yeah.

4. Are the mods around? *looks around*
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