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Puss in Boots. [07 Nov 2011|11:05pm]

Hey I was wondering if anyone has or could possibly make an icon of the grey cat that does that "Ooooooo" thing. I can't get over this cat hahaha.
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PUSS In BOOTS Icons X 25 [03 Nov 2011|09:44pm]

  PUSS In BOOTS Icons X 25

Click here for more Collapse )

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Shrek-tacular Question No. 1!!!!!! [30 Oct 2011|09:01am]

Hello, folks! This is Lady Mouse, and this is my first Shrek-tacular question! Today's special is based on the euphoric, garroulous, sweet, cute, and peppy Donkey!!!! And the question is.................(drumroll, please)....What (is) are your fave Donk-redible moment(s)? For me, it's when Donkey was talking about parfaits, how he met his lovely wife, Dragon, when he showed up with his kids, Debbie, Bananas, Peanut, Coco, Eclair, and Parfait, and of course, his singing moments! Please, please, please, let me know what your FABOO moments are!
Stay cool, dudes and dudettes!
♥Lady Mouse♥
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Hey, guys! [11 Oct 2011|04:02pm]

Hi, I am a newbie here of this comm! I am here to say what up to the lovers of Shrek!
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Shrek x Fiona Fans!!! [16 Dec 2010|02:31am]

For you fans!!!

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Shrek Animated Moodtheme [14 Jun 2010|01:20am]

[ mood | lonely ]

I made a moodtheme from Shrek, Shrek 2, Shrek The Third and some from Shrek Forever After's trailer.


You can preview the whole theme here: http://www.livejournal.com/moodlist.bml?moodtheme=754017&ownerid=5890556

Download here: http://community.livejournal.com/colour_full/13036.html

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Rumpelstiltskin [02 Jun 2010|01:01am]

Did anybody wonder why Rumpelstiltskin from Shrek The Third was transformed into a different character in Shrek After Forever? I'm a die-hard fan since 2001, I notice everything ;) I tried to find some info, but unfortunately found nothing. Was it just a mistake? Silly blooper? Or they knew about it and created a character for a reason? There are alot of creatures from fairy-tales, they could choose anyone, but they used the one they had before who looked different and had no connection with what Rumpelstiltskin was connected with in Shrek After Forever. I'm curious what creators could say about it :D

And here is he, mr. Rumpelstiltskin from Shrek The Third. They called him name twice in the movie. If they didn't do, no one would never wondered who that tiny guy was, but they did.

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New Member / Fan Art [06 Jan 2008|08:12pm]

Hi all,

I just joined. I don't have much to say, but I've got some Shrek fan-art to show off.

Fiona Pinup. Maybe NSFWCollapse )
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A lot of things... really [04 Aug 2007|10:25am]
[ mood | okay ]

[1-22] Ewan McGregor Icons
[23-25] Cameron Diaz Icons
[26-43] Marilyn Monroe Icons
[44-53] Will & Grace cast Icons
[54-72] Shrek the Third Icons
[73-82] Ocean's Thirteen Icons
[83-94] Eva Longoria Icons
[95-99] Vogue Italia Icons

6 Vogue Italia banners/headers



See the rest --------->HERE<------------- at My Livejournal

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Looking... [28 Jan 2007|08:13pm]

Hey, everyone! Just found this community and thought it'd be a great place to ask....

I'm looking for a particular screencap of Donkey and the Dragon. I want to say it's from the "I'm a Believer" section of the first movie, because I think I remember Donkey singing. They're cheek to cheek and smiling all lovey-dovey.

Anyone know which picture I'm talking about?

Thanks =D
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[27 Dec 2006|06:22am]

[ mood | indescribable ]

Shrek the Third Trailer

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[03 Jul 2006|07:00pm]

[ mood | New ]

I took this picture: HereCollapse )

...using a gift I was given, that I felt bad about opening... Unfortunately this lead to issues for poor old Shrek :P
Everything worked out in the end tho... See!Collapse )

Oh yeah, I'm new here... So you'll have to tell me if my pictures get irritating, I offer very little in the way or real news... Just keeping my fingers crossed that I make a good first "awww" impression :D

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[01 Jun 2006|02:09pm]

[ mood | awake ]

Multi-Fandom Friending Project

This is to tell everyone whom you love, etc.
Feel free to tell everyone about it. I made it to make friends that love many many things!

( Multi-Fandom Friending Project )

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[01 Feb 2006|01:22am]

[ mood | tired ]

I got the 'Shrek Super Slam' game for Christmas. It's pretty fun, but the graphics and audio could use a bit of work. Overall it's good though. :)

Attention Puss in Boots fans!

Apparently, along with the movie Shrek 3, they are going to come out with a movie called Puss in Boots. (I just found this out about 10 minutes ago and it was a fluke that I did. XD; I was looking at Antonio Banderas's filmography and noticed the title.)

It reminds me how after X-Men 3, they have the movie Wolverine. And how Disney is making sequels to everything. (I mean, Brother Bear 2? I adored the first one, but there's really no need for a sequel...)

Boy, Hollywood sure likes to milk everything, don't they? I mean, it's cool and all, but sometimes it would be nice if they would come out with other stuff... Something new. You know?

Ah well... I'm sure the movie will be fine. It will at least be decent.

Edit: Dear mods, would you like to affiliate this community with _madagascar_? :)

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[14 Dec 2005|08:04pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Some of the cast for Shrek 3.

Mike Myers - Shrek
Eddie Murphy - Donkey
Cameron Diaz - Princess Fiona
Julie Andrews - Queen Lillian
Antonio Banderas - Puss in Boots
John Cleese - King Harold
Rupert Everett - Prince Charming
Regis Philbin - Mabel
Justin Timberlake - Artie (young King Arthur)

First three were pretty much a given.
I find it interesting that Justin Timberlake is playing a character...

Source: IMDB

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[25 Nov 2005|11:39am]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Subject: Shrek 2 claimed at icons100
Started: 11/25/2005
Completed: ???
Batch: #1 1 - 28


Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com

See the rest here!
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A Few Random Things [23 Nov 2005|01:43am]

[ mood | weird ]

Yay for random stuff! =D

1. Wake up, people! *pokepokepoke*

2. Does anyone else think the Shrek SuperSlam game looks like fun? It looks similar to Super Smash Brothers Melee, and I love that game!

Here are some things of the game that you might like to look at:

- Image Gallery
- Videos

3. "The username shrek_claims is not currently registered." If anyone wants to make the community and keep up with it, I'd join it! *is lame and likes to "claim" things* What? It's fun... I'd make it myself, but I have too many communities... Besides, I told myself I wouldn't make a claims community because those can get a lot of members and it would be hard for me to keep up with it. ^^; So...yeah.

4. Are the mods around? *looks around*

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[17 Oct 2005|07:29pm]

[ mood | drained ]

I thought you guys might enjoy this:

Puss in Boots Emoticon

There was a time when I liked it and was pretty proud, but now I'm not so sure anymore... ^^;

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shrek2 for life [11 Aug 2005|01:28pm]


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[01 Jul 2005|05:03pm]


Does any have a screencap of the final scene of Shrek I?

What I'm looking for are a couple pics of Grumpy dancing around the organ.

Thank you bunches
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